by Cut Teeth



released July 24, 2012

via Topshelf Records
Recorded at the StayAstudio
Engineered & mixed by Matt Jordan
Mastered by Jay Maas



all rights reserved


Cut Teeth Chicago, Illinois

A loud rock & roll band who plays loud rock & roll songs.

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Track Name: Who is Thomas Driscoll?
the room goes 'round
just the same as my mouth
right and wrong are just as right and wrong
as we want them to be
these big words mean
just what we want them to mean

assemble a set of characters // line up the outcomes
and assign those sights to sounds // write them down
the rights have all been registered // insure the outcome
to wring an earful in your mouth // write them down

the time has come for swallowing swords
I tried to move you but I couldn't find the chords

I use these big words
I don't know what they mean
I use these big words
the words are bigger than me

I put my pen to paper
just to draw some blood
Track Name: Desert Vines
did anything grow out the ground
when you planted that flag in the dirt
was there anything that bloomed
when you buried those bones in the earth

I clocked in and went to war
without knowing what my work was for
I signed on that dotted line
connected the dots; I was doing my time
"soldier on, son - the sun is bound to rise
while your brothers are bound to fall
they're bound to fall"

was there any fruit born
out of this labor of lust

put a flower in my barrel
and sterilize the wounds

did anything grow
did anything bloom
Track Name: Gossip Choir
they had us convinced, but don't they know
these familiar haunts are already haunted
now I need to know, are you haunting me
I listened to their gossip up until I learned
that it was gospel
they were already haunted
now I need to know, are you haunting me

our eyes are instruments inaccurate
theirs say they saw a ghost
they've got ornaments inadequate
fucked up hallucinations at most

you can sleep with a ghost
but you can't call her by her first name

we've been gifted this guilt
that you gilded from thin air
just how thin is the air up there
in light of those 'enlightened' heads
the lies are lighter than all of the above
Track Name: Stone of Yap
when you find that the riches rob the rags // write it off
when rite of passage loses right to brag // write it off
we look better on paper when the plastic pays // write it off
we only starve when our lover stays

you've got to spend money
to make money

we've got the secrets
to living faster and dying younger
don't change a thing

take the veil and write it off
wash your hands with the devil
you can dry your eyes with what's atop this wave
Track Name: Blood Under the Bridge
someday your brain will catch up to your body
and I'll find the bones to make me think this is funny
(I'm not laughing yet)
someday we'll find the time for being gentle
we'll let go and let fall all the faulty things we assembled
with wooden nickels and wooden teeth
(we're not laughing yet)
how can you pay for what you eat

blood under the bridge

happiness is a warm body in your bed
you put the gun to your own head
(and I call your bluff)
it's a tough love with tender skin
it's a darkroom with too much light within

I know it's hard to cut that umbilical cord
Track Name: Disappeared Like Dinosaurs
the stark contrast in hue of grey on white and blue
the skyline now reflects dollars and our new common sense
the ground on which we stand is shaped by mechanical hands
the lights that line the streets are marked by mounds of receipts

watercolors cover the sea
a display of our manmade beauty
a brand new face
a mask on the world that we've erased

and a great big fire took the town
with their heads on down feathers they would drown
they couldn't fly to flee the scene
so they watched it on their television screens
it rained lead and arrows on that day
they'd danced and prayed to be saved from flamed
but they couldn't sleep to say it was a dream
so they watched it on their television screens
Track Name: A Portrait of the Arsonist as a Young Man
(I'm done with that, I'm turning back)

I'm selling all my memories
nickels and dimes for lemons and limes
they're filming all my felonies
fabricating farces and antiquating arson
I'm killing off my enemies
angels and old friends, the camera and the lens
you'll formulate some remedies
some kissed-cheek drugs to blacken up these lungs

I'm done with that, I'm turning back
no pyramids or rhymes could rival all my schemes
I'm done with that, I'm turning back
these themed repeats leave me with nothing to bereave

I'm selling all my memories
they're filming all my felonies
I'm killing off my enemies
you'll formulate some remedies

leaving love and legal tender
it's an over-the-counter counter culture
leaving love and legal tender
behind me